Release Notes

Version 3 (5/22/23)

Our primary objective with this update is to streamline the process of launching new feeds, reducing both the time and complexity involved. We have also made provisions for improved support of custom feeds, allowing custom feeds to be launched across multiple publishers. The majority of existing users should not be affected by these changes, and the v3 endpoint can seamlessly replace or be used concurrently with v2 as long as v2 remains available.

Here's a rundown of additional updates and changes:

  • Metadata Fields Support: Stork now includes support for optional metadata fields generated by publishers. This feature proves valuable for publishers to demonstrate their calculations, particularly when used for custom feeds. Any numeric metadata fields are also aggregated into an (unsigned) median across all publishers included in a response.

  • Request Types Correction: There was a misrepresentation in v2 where it sent ORACLES_PRICE_TICK request types. We've rectified this in V3, now correctly denoting them as ORACLE_PRICES_TICK.

  • Response Status Code Addition: We have added statusCode in the response to subscribe/unsubscribe requests.

> {"action":"subscribe", "assets":["ETHUSD"]}
< {"statusCode":200,"message":"Successfully subscribed to ['ETHUSD']."}
  • Ping/Pong Support: The server now responds to ping requests.

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