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What is Stork, and how to use it?

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Hybrid Stork is an ultra low-latency, decentralized off and on-chain price feed designed for EVM and STARK compatible chains. Off-chain Stork is offered as a websocket, similar to those provided by exchanges, with the added benefit of offering decentralized data across multiple publishers, and signed in a way compatible with signature verification on EVM and StarkEx. We prioritize performance, using multi-regional, ultra-fast websockets, to ensure data is available at the millisecond level, similar to the data used for trading in TradFi.
Using an off-chain, decentralized feed gives protocols the ability to perform initial processing off-chain, and elect to only push on-chain the price updates that are relevant to your product. Since prices are signed in a chain-compatible way (Supported signatures: STARK and EVM) protocols can use Stork’s Verifier Contract (coming soon), or their own smart contract, to verify the feed on-chain, proving that the data is accurate.
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